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New Ukrainian Army in 15mm
Using the wealth of New Ukrainia, Orlyk re-equipped the NUA with new equipment supplementing the vehicles and weapons his troops had brought to the New Crimea battle of 350TW. Some of their existing 'kit’, the Brigade handed down to the NUA regulars and they wore their Zaporoskiye collar pins with great pride as they paraded their new equipment during their annual Independence Day parades. Although technically out of the mercenary business, the NUA went on several campaigns to assert Ukrainian dominance over local systems and had to fight many battles against both standing armies and mercenary companies in the 350's. Vehicles The NUA vehicles are comprised of extant vehicles and new purchases of exclusively tracked vehicles including a new Infantry Combat Vehicle (the Sokol or Falcon) and a new Medium/Heavy tank (the Xaoc or Havoc) which share the same chassis. In addition there is a heavy MBT (the Molot or Hammer), an anti-artillery/air system (the Buran or Blizzard) and a mobile artillery piece (the Groza or Thunderstorm) - all, again, sharing the same chassis. As a mercenary force, the Zaporoskiye Brigade had always lacked both artillery and the means to defend against it, replying on other forces (the Firelords, the Tingitana and others) to supply this. Orlyk decided that this could not stand for a planetary force and, as the Ukrainain Army he had 'inherited' were also weak in these areas, he decided to make changes.
The Sokol MICV shares a hull with the Xaoc Medium Tank but uses a coil-gun and missile systems The Sokol's main task is to carry two TUs of infantry and to support them in combat