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Re-equipping For the sake of speed when training personnel, the Confederacy decided not to change the equipment the MCEC used (when compared to that fielded by their mercenary antecedents) unless it was deemed absolutely necessary: instead the plan was simply to fund better quality 'kit'. To that end, the decision was made to move away from light infantry to armoured infantry in armoured vehicles rather than the un-armoured transporters previously fielded. Their plan for vehicles was to purchase legitimate AFVs but to retain the use of a wheeled platform. They had to be compact and easily transportable to the different systems within the confederation and they needed to be capable of being manufactured and then maintained by resources that the Marvelans had available. Vehicles A range of vehicles were purchased from an undisclosed source. Evidently, they had been previously owned by another planetary or mercenary force but were refurbished to the MCEC specifications. The rumour circulating is that they are the result of another regular army upgrading their equipment. The vehicles are a family of multi-wheeled designs, all with adjustable, AI controlled suspension to enable them to cross rough terrain. They are dimensionally large (the longest being round 10.5 metres) having substantial spaced armour packages and have either four or six wheels, depending on mass and size, and are often equipped with a remote turreted design many of which stow away to enable compact transportation. Irrespective of size, the vehicles are all equally well armoured using flat panel titanium and sapphire-ceramic sandwich, with emphasis placed upon frontal defensive value (having an additional spaced armour section in the nose of the vehicle), the sides and rear being noticeably weaker. No anti buzzbomb capability is fitted which may well be a mistake.  However, the spaced armour incorporates fuel tanks into their design which are designed to minimise damage from shaped charge attacks. Some vehicles may use their AI driven weapons in an anti-missile role.
M576 Stingray heavy support vehicle
Marvelan Confederacy Enforcement Corps (MCEC) - 353TW