Primary research work by John-David Karnitz
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Brigada Independência (Cobras Fumantes)
Tank Platoon: 4 HE-H7 Surucucu Heavy Hover Tanks (including 1 Command tank), 4 HE-H2 Cotiara Light Hover Tanks:  8TUs Total 2800pts Mechanized Infantry Platoon: 2 HE-H4 Caatinga Heavy ICVs (including 1 Command ICV), 2 Infantry Teams, 2 Support Weapon Teams, 2 Tank Hunter Infantry Teams:  8TUs Total 890pts Support Platoon: 1 HE-H2b Cotiara Heavy Mortar Carrier, 1 HE-H2a Cotiara Hover Calliope, HE-H2c Cotiara Light ATGW Tank Destroyer, 1 Mortar Jeep, 1 ATGW Jeep, 1 Jeep, 1 Mule with 1 TU Infantry Mortar Team TU OR 1 Sniper TU 8TUs Total 1190pts with mortar team, 1230pts with sniper The Smoking Cobras were traditionally well-led and highly motivated, especially during the Sulewesian Campaign.  This force will have a Major (200 points) in overall command in one of the HQ Section vehicles, a Capitão (Captain): 80 points with one Platoon, a Tenente (Lieutenant): 40 points (probably in the Jeep in the support team), and a Sargento (Sergeant): 20 points.  For forces of 2 detachments or larger, up to 1 additional paid-for Sergeant per detachment could be purchased at 20 points each. Vehicle Buying Guide GZG and Old Crow (OC) Vehicles and infantry in 15mm: CN44 Jeep (all types) GZG V15-14A and Mule: OC Hover Mule ; HE-H2 Lt Tank: OC Outrider; HE-H2a Calliope: OC Outrider (Point defence turret added); HE-H2b Mortar: OC Outrider (tank turret added); HE-H2c ATGM: OC Outrider (Point defence turret added); HE-H4 ICV (or command): OC Lancer Hover Heavy APC (with Tank hunter turret); HE-H7 tank:  OC Sabre Hover Tank; HE-H7F Command tank:  465pts; Infantry Team: GZG SG15- A7 or SG15-A8; Infantry Tank Hunters:  GZG SG15-A12 or SG15-A11; Infantry Support (Mortar) Team: GZG SG15- A14; Infantry Support (HSW) Team: GZG SG15-A9. Big Detachment Cards:
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