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The Antargran Regular Army (UAAF): in 15mm
They off loaded some older equipment  - including many half-tracks and wheeled vehicles - to Colonel Chiro (in charge of the Thunderbolts after the death of their original leader General Frederick) and the UAAF took the opportunity of reequipping their forces with new equipment where possible. Armed predominantly with Powerguns developed by their military science laboratories with some slug throwers and ATGWs, the Antargra forces did well on campaign against various neighbors, including skirmishes along the border systems with New Ukrainia. Vehicles The work horse AFV used by the UAAF is the Gryphon medium tank with a 3 man crew which employs a 5cm high intensity powergun and a co-axial 2cm canon firing APFSDS and HE, often used together and aimed at the same target. Backing this up was a 2cm tribarrel powergun of Antargran manufacture. The AI on the Gryphon is sufficient to use the tribarrel for anti-missile and anti-artillery work. The super heavy Zentaur is a four man vehicle weighed in at 150 tonnes and - like the other Antargran AFVs - is armoured with aluminium and ceramic composites: bulky but quite effective when layered in sufficient thickness on the glacis and turret. The Zentaur is fitted with a 20cm Powergun of Antargran manufacture - quite lengthy and employing an extra cooling jacket - and twin 2cm tribarrel powerguns. Finally the quad tracked Zentaur is fitted with a light mortar that can be fired by the fourth crew member through a hatch on the turret roof.
The Gryphon medium tank: 66 tonnes with a crew of three The Zentaur heavy tank: a 20cm powergun, two 2cm tribarrels and a light mortar