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Attack on Linton
Slammers infantry on Wrencher - there's really 4 TUs on that!
Bullets can’t stop ‘em! Saturday 26th of October 2019 hailed what is now almost a set event: a big Slammers game at the Maidstone Wargames Society club hall! This is a brief over view of the game. And it begins... The table was a 12 by 5 ft or so with terrain from the Treadaway and Francis stock piles. It was a seven player game with forces provided by Tony Francis and myself. It was designed as an asymmetric ambush: the advance on a Solace base at the Linton: a small urban setting where the Solace forces had set up a command centre. Even with three detachments of Solace regulars, plus some Gendarmes and a bunch of local thugs, they’d worked out that they needed help so they employed a small company of mercenaries – two detachments of the Wolverines – to dig in and back them up. Finally the Solace forces had boobytrapped some cars in the entrance routes to the town. All the Slammers had to do was find the HQ and park outside for two turns, within a ten turn period, and they were good. All the Solace and their Mercs had to do was stop them! The Slammers had five mixed detachments: each player had eight TUs and either a Regular Sergeant, an Elite Sergeant or an Elite Lieutenant. Four players each had a mix of older and newer blower tanks and cars with the odd Command Car and Jeep thrown in and a couple of infantry on Skimmers. One – Slammers 5 on the map – had four infantry on a recovery vehicle and a Hog thrown into the mix just for the hell of it! (specialist sheets for the game here: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5).
John Treadaway - October 2019
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Slammers advance from the East - this is Slammers 3 The City of Linton The City of Linton Initial deployment