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Fighting on the planet of Testimonial
When our friend Jim Clark passed away, I wasn't the only person that took custody of some of his forces. Mike Popay gave a home to a number of forces... What troops? Mike’s forces included four detachments each of early version of the Terran Authority Star Marines and the Apex Dragoons so we set up a simple game with two of the heavier detachments of the former (elite heavy tanks and nasty infantry) and four detachments of the veteran Apex forces with their wheeled vehicles. Against those I fielded a defensive force of three detachments of the Hiroseki Army and three of Clark’s Commandos (my 'tribute act'!). The TAS are - as I've said - heavily armed and armoured with fast tanks that were almost impossible to stop from the front and equipped nasty, twin barrelled heavy powerguns, backed up with medium ATGWs and tribarrels. The Apex have some effective tank destroyers and some rapid firing gatlings - and even twin gatlings - but their wheeled vehicles are not so fast and not so well armed either. Their job was the classic one of attacking a defended town and to win they needed to park two vehicles outside of a central building (the Hiroseki government offices - marked HQ on the map, right) for one whole turn (meaning that - at that point - people would storm the building, arrest ne're-do-wells and achieve some political point outside of the scope of a tactical game). The Hiroseki had a lot of guys - they're a standing army after all - and they were led by their commander Major Okuninushi who was a dab hand at defence (Elite Skill of Defensive Stalwart). They had three big detachments of around twelve TUs each but none of their embedded MLRS options. Instead they had snipers hidden (their maximum number of three) and wanted to use them to designate coordinated missile fire from light ATGWs from many vehicles - jeeps and tanks included. They also had some heavy tanks (Sohei) and some mediums (Shaman) along with a lot of infantry and support combat cars and so forth but - main gun wise - their laser armed tanks were certainly no match for the TAS (only their few up-gunned tank destroyers stood any chance there) and the Apex dragoons mostly stayed out of their way. But they did have infantry with buzz bomb teams secreted in forward positions on the outskirts of town laying traps.
table map