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The importance of command
Turn two - the gatling Montsabert drives between two Antargran vehicles and takes out a Gryphon but is destroyed in the process
We tried a quick one detachment game using some optional rules scheduled for the fifth supplement. Those rules should include some rules on enhanced snipers and a different way of using lasers. The Enhanced Sniper rule allows for more expensive snipers to do more including more effective fire and designation/ spotting plus they can conceal themselves more effectively based on their training level. The lasers rule - called Laser Burn-through - allows lasers to swap a second shot for a more effective penetration with a first successful hit by allowing them to hold the beam on a target. How did this play out during the game? One detachment of Antargran regulars with very heavy Zentaur and Gryphon medium tanks with APC and infantry support (15 Trained TUs, led by a Lieutenant) defended a building against attack from a detachment of West Riding Yeomanry with Montsabert medium hover tanks and Tassigny APCs and an Air defence unit with three infantry TUs (10 Veteran TUs led by an infantry squad with Lieutenant Cain with his elite skills). Points wise they were pretty similar but we gave the defending Antargrans an Enhanced Sniper for 90pts and allowed them to place themselves in a defensive posture with infantry (including their sniper) hidden in buildings and the WRY had to attack, placing their forces after the Antargrans had deployed. The Antargrans job was to defend a particular bunker building at all costs: the WRY's mission was to destroy it. So - essentially - the Antargrans got to pick the ground and positions making use of cover wile the WRY could chose the direction of attack.
John Treadaway - June 2014
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A Gryphon rotates its turret to return fire Turn one - a WRY Montasbert pays the price and explodes after a direct hit from the main gun on a Zentaur Turn two - the gatling Montsabert drives between two Antargran vehicles and takes out an Ajax Midway in turn one, an Antargran Zentaur has taken a mobility hit (orange token) while the other recieves a confire order to increase its chance to hit (blue token) Turn one - two Ajax MICVs are already ablaze