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The importance of command
The Antargrans deployed with the Zentaurs in the centre as huge, almost immovable lumps around the objective building. Heavy tracked vehicles are not fast so their plan was to keep to the roads wherever possible to speed up any movement. Infantry were hidden - some (including the sniper) in a tall building with a good view and some in one of the outer lying buildings on a good route into town (which the WRY avoided: so those guys spent the afternoon playing cards and drinking beer…). Turn 1 Gaining the initiative, the WRY attacked from one direction, only using roads when they needed to but keeping to cover from rocky outcrops on the outskirts of town wherever they could. Their first objective was to try to get some hits in on the weaker side armour of the Zentaurs and - in that exchange - the WRY lost a gatling Montsabert and the Antargrans lost the main gun on one of the Zentaurs (meaning the only weapon it could effectively use on the Montsaberts was a mortar which went in through the top armour as the secondary tribarrel weapons wouldn't go through the front glacis of a medium tank). The WRY also managed to destroy two of the four Antargran MICVs with their missile firing capability. So - at the end of the first turn - he WRY had lost a tank but the Antargrans had lost a couple of MICVs and they had not succeeded in launching any ATGWs using the sniper because of a poor leadership role meaning that the sniper wasn't activated for missile designation and neither of the two remaining missile armed Ajax’s had line of site on a WRY target.
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John Treadaway - June 2014
An Antargran Zentaur loses mmobility and its main gun forming a road block
Turn 2 This saw the WRY advance - again with the initiative - and the loss of the last two missile armed Antargran MICVs and the Zentaur that had lost its main gun also being given a destroyed transmission hit, effectively blocking the road. Turn 3 Turn three saw the remaining Antargran Zentaur faced with a stark choice: either spend valuable time and leadership points moving to a position to fire at advancing WRY units that were moving around behind it (where its field of fire was blocked by buildings and an immobile tank), of try to literally push the stalled Zentaur off of the road and find a target to fire at. It chose the latter, but tried - and failed - to achieve this, succeeding only in stalling itself (poorly trained driver...). Meanwhile the WRY drove their remaining gatling Montsabert into a gap between two Gryphon medium tanks and used the main gun and the laser secondary weapon to attack both vehicles at once. It was partially successful, taking out one vehicle but not the other and so paying the ultimate price and bursting into flames. Turn 4 & 5 This saw the Antargrans struggling with leadership: as chaos mounted though loss of units, they had less and less control over what they could achieve. The WRY commander deployed from his APC into a building and rapid fired buzzbombs using Double Tap and Tankhunter Elite Skills to devastating effect.
Lt Cain commanding the WRY debusses from his Tassigny APC and rushes past a parked vehicle, about to enter the building to gain a better firing position Lt Cain commanding the WRY debusses from his Tassigny APC and rushes past a parked vehicle