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Painting the M53 “Hog” from Ainsty in 1/100th
The Slammers have finally got the right sized piece of artillery for their forces in 1/100th (15mm) scale and in 1/285th (6mm) from Brigade. There’s a page here on the background to this vehicle and a link to the play sheet that goes with the force here. Getting paint on the models is largely the same process, though, irrespective of scale, so I will go through the steps to paint the larger version. Clean up and priming The models required very little clean up. There is a little ‘striping’ on some of the surfaces via the 3d printing process but nothing that can’t be overcome and/or disguised with paint and a little sanding (or covering in weathering and stowage!). On that basis, after cleaning mould lines from the gun barrel and assembling the them (well - sticking on the barrel...) I didn’t actually prime these models at all but simply sprayed them with a couple of good coats of an automotive silver from a spray can. I could have used Army Painter silver primer (if I’d had any lying around) but it gave me the effect I wanted: a hard, durable coat of not too shiny silver to represent the iridium castings that form the main hull. Next up is the skirts: colour choices, techniques and approaches depend on what was wanted, look wise, and the scale of the models.
Finished M53 20cm Rocket Assisted Howitzer in 15mm Finished M53 20cm Rocket Assisted Howitzer in 6mm from Brigade