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The last variant in the family is also a 6x6 and is the 'Tiger-shark' MICV vehicle. This has a widened - and slightly shorter (at 9.5 metres) - body compared to the Shark and combines a light rocket and gun system as it's main weapon system. It is still fitted with a double flame-thrower (although it is mounted centrally at the front hull rather than on the right front as on all of the other vehicles), however the main weapon in the remote turret is a 1cm gatling cone-bore weapon but is paired with a 'flexi-rocket' system. This can operate in one of two modes, either as a hypersonic missile launcher where direct line of sight targets are available or can be high angled to use as an infantry mortar with ballistic trajectories. Finally another two aired support weapons may be fired from the commander's cupola and gunner's cupola either remotely or by the crew member them self. The increase weaponry and infantry complement - it is fitted with double doors and carries 12 infantry - has necessitated the widened hull. Tracked vehicles are also employed by the MCEC. The Ridgeway M40 tank is more heavily armoured than the wheels vehicles used by the Marvelans and is equipped with a 6cm conebore and heavy mortar weapon load. The M240 Artillery Hog is also tracked but has thinner armour than the M40. It is equipped with a 15.6cm rocket artillery tube. Infantry MCEC infantry wear the latest in body armour suits and carry a variety of personal weapons based around the cone bore format. They also use personal flame throwers widely to increase their close assault capability. In an anti-tank role they carry the Falcon advanced buzzbomb and the support teams carry the heavy support weapon. The Assault Tank Killers wear full body armour.
Infantry with various weapons including conebores, flame throwers and anti tankbuzzbombs in half armour and with field berrets
Marvelan Confederacy Enforcement Corps (MCEC) - 353TW
M579 Tiger Shark heavy MICV