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Vehicles and Equipment The division uses exclusively tracked light and heavier vehicles - usually manufactured by IVECO-MELARA. These typically feature a variety of heavy cone-bore, light rail-guns and Combustion Assisted Plasma (CAP) guns (sometimes in multiple mounts). In addition, the Arietes use remotely controlled wheeled vehicles with buzzbombs mounted on them, directed from a Lynx Fire Support Vehicle (FSV). Vehicles Main Battle tank The I-M216 Cougar Tank features a 10cm Combustion Assisted main gun and 1.7cm Heavy Support Gun. For the time, armour was considered very heavy and was as much as could be fitted and maintain speed on the battlefield. Variants include a command tank - indistinguishable from the standard vehicle except for additional aerials - and the Lion Ground and AA variant. The latter features a twin 4cm Heavy Cone-Bore turret. The Cougar has a crew of three, the Command Cougar and Lion both have a crew of four. Light Tank The Cougars get support from the more mobile I-M63 Puma Light Tank. This is slightly less well armoured but is faster and has a lighter weapon - a 5cm CAP gun. It still carries a crew of three but is very cramped. Infantry are transported and supported by a range of both light and heavy APCs, the latter straying into the MICV category. Light APC The I-M68 Chariot Light APC is a small, fast and well armoured APC based on the Puma light tank chassis. In addition to a crew of two, they carry just a small squad of four troopers and are armed with a light ATGW launcher. There is an unarmed command variant with no infantry carrying capacity that is very unpopular with the crews.
I-M63 Puma Light Tank with 5cm CAP gun
The Ariete Division - 302 to 317TW