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The Way of the Warrior - a Slammer's Scenario
The Broglies and Thunderbolts perspective of the Slammers and Sincanmo
"Slick's the Best tank commander in the regiment" - Joachim Steuben In July 2015 we played a big Slammer's game using Crucible rules and fought a battle from the Slammers stories with the correct forces, for a change- although the scenery was a little off. Drake’s story The Warrior features a Sergeant serving with Hammer's Slammers - one Samuel "Slick" Des Grieux - and his uncompromising approach to life in general and his hatred of his one time unit commander Lucas Broglie. Over the space of a number of years and several engagements, the final battle in the story is on a planet called Meridienne. This features a stand up fight between two Arabic based forces: the Hashemite National Army and their opposition, the more tribal and irregular Sincanmo Militia. So nothing if not topical… The Hashemites have become pretty sick of the Sincanmo stealing their equipment and using it against them so - seemingly unable to stop them with the forces they have available - they hire in a bunch of Mercenaries to assist them and do the heavy lifting. Money is tight and they hire the Thunderbolt Division: these veterans are equipped with half-tracks and they should make light work of the Sincanmo with their light jeeps and trucks and stolen weapons. The Sincanmo can see which way the wind is blowing and mortgage their entire futures and hire a better mercenary unit: they hire the Slammers. The Hashemites then double down and hire Broglies Legion: a blower force using tank destroyers scarcely less capable then the Alois' fearsome tanks and led by ex Slammer - and Slick Des Grieux' nemesis - (now) Colonel Lucas Broglie.
John Treadaway - July 2015
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Slammers deploy with Sincanmo: Des Grieux is in the middle blower tank, right of picture The Slammers left flank with Sincanmo to the near edge and Kuykendall moving her Slammers on the road