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Training During the opening months of the second Kalan Civil War, much of the HNA lacked combat experience save  few veterans of the earlier conflict that had stayed in the army. However, the Hiroseki Nationals were well trained and very well disciplined with efficient - and highly motivating - officers.  With their specialisations of communications and defensive tactics, old hands like Major Okuninushi trained their troops well and almost all non-coms and officers are veterans of that first Civil War. Deployment The infantry tends to do best in static positions and when having the support of heavy armour however the Planetary Warfare Detachment sees itself as a ‘do anything’ force with its MLRS support for bombardment capability for non- line of sight targets, its Shaman tanks and tank destroyers and Mantra Combat cars, they often try to be in the heart of any action, although they will call upon the Heavy Mechanised forces for hard hitting support. In defensive positions, they will often swap out support teams for snipers.
HNA Infantry use laser carbines and wear body armour and comms helmets Hiroseki-Toyota Wizard support jeep may carry an ATGW missile launcher in the rear plus an HSW for local defence
Hiroseki National Army (HNA) during the 2nd Kalan Civil War - 329TW
Hiroseki-Toyota Wizard Recce jeep carries up to 4 infantry or  sniper team plus 2 crew and an HSW for local defence. A command variant carries no infantry HNA Infantry use extensive comms equipment and gain advantages for doing so