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Vehicles, Technology and Equipment Although some of the forces on both the Friesland and Slammers forces were using the vehicles – in their early form – that seem familiar from the background, the Friesland force was in a state of equipment transition when the breakaway occurred. The M2 The M2A1 Blower tank with its 20cm powergun main armament was becoming commonplace, however, many of the older M2 models were still in use and they varied in a number of ways. The M2 was fitted with a 15cm powergun, a legacy hold over from earlier vehicles by Icarus Industries. It was a fine weapon, fitted to earlier versions of the M12 and M12A1 tank destroyers,   but lacked the heavier armour penetration of the later 20cm weapon. This weapon was physically a little smaller and so a smaller turret was fitted that had slightly thinner armour than the M2A1. Other than the main weapon calibre, the only other main difference was a smaller secondary weapon. Although some later models were fitted with a tribarrel, earlier M2s were fitted with a 1cm rapid fire High Intensity weapon. Generally, the secondary was not slaved as well for AAA work in this period as the “Booster” AI system link in was not as sophisticated and so more emphasis was placed on separate AAA elements (earlier a twin 3cm system, later a four barrelled calliope). In addition, the ADS defensive system was less efficient than the improved version on later vehicles. Although of largely the same design, this employed steel pellets rather than tungsten and had a slower response time - again based on AI peformance - than that in the M1A2 and onwards. Although not used by the Slammers or Friesland forces, Icarus did use the same smaller turret to manufacture the M2A3 which had a 17cm, Ruby wave-guide laser main armament. These were used experimentally by the West Riding Yeomanry (usually fitted with a light flechette weapon as its secondary armament).
An M2 Blower
Early Slammers and Friesland Regulars (Circa 317TW)