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The Bridge at Kronstadt
Slammers prepare to cross the bridge
A bridge too far In November 2019, Henry Hyde came to my ‘cabin in the woods’ where I’m lucky enough to have my own gaming facility.After lunch we adapted a exploring another of the Table Top Teasers (originally written by Charles Grant). We chose one of the scenarios from the book: the Bridge at Kronstadt, and, as happens even within that very publication, the plan was to lift the teaser out and adapt the scenario to a different period. The original teaser Charles Grant’s original piece is an historical game set in 1805. It features two forces, the French and Austrians, and the latter are defending the small town of Kleiner Kronstadt which spans both sides of a river (the Kronberg) via a bridge. The Austrians have orders to not allow the attacking French to take control of the bridge. If necessary they have orders to destroy it with demolition charges and Charles has written a number of specific sub-rules to time both the scenario and the demolition. A success from a dice roll is required if the need to blow the structure should arise. It’s a very good scenario and funnily enough, following on in the book from the battle itself, there’s an account of it having been replayed in another period (one of a handful of the scenarios to get similar treatment). As detailed in the Table Top Teasers, Roger Smith replayed the game using Warhammer 40K rules and with Ordo Hereticus Imperial defenders as the ‘Austrians’, and Orks as the attacking ‘French’. So, I thought, if it’s a good enough scenario to do twice, why not three times?
John Treadaway - June 2020
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Game map - Commandos come in from the West and Slammers from the East Crossing the bridge An uparmoured Blower on the bridge Combat Cars move to the river