THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE HAMMER’S SLAMMERS THE CRUCIBLE RULES SYSTEM HANDBOOK Click pictures to enlarge Return to Hammers Slammers Galleries page Super detailed 6mm Slammers - by Ralph DeLucia Ralph recently took delivery of some 6mm scale Old Crow Slammers vehicles. He’d ‘kept the faith’ for a long time, so - when he finally got his hands on them - he went to town on a couple of items, adding as much detail as he could. In Ralph’s own words, this is how it worked out (all modelling and photography by the author): Based on some of the Slammer stories and pictures from "The Crucible", I thought I'd try to do some conversion work on the vehicles I had. The M9 Combat Car I been sent an extra M9 Hull so I started off my conversions using Evergreen StripStyrene. The gunshields for the tribarrels is made from 2.5mm Channel, cut into about 3mm Sections for the 3 guns. The barrels themselves are 2mm styrene tube approximately 3mm long. The tri-barrel receiver (the rectangular part behind the shield) is 2mm square rod cut to about 4mm in length. Each of the gun mounts are 1.5mm square rod cut about 4.5mm long and then glued on the inside hull with the "tri-barrel" receiver super-glued on top of that. I glued each of the three gun systems together first then glued each one on its mount, once that had been glued on the inside hull. The four Splinter Shield supports - the roof of the car - are made from the same 1.5mm square rod cut about 6.5 mm long and glued into each corner of the inside hull compartment. I basically used the Old Crow weapons/crew/shield insert as a guide for all measurements and "swaged" (Scientific Wild-Assed Guess) from that plus looking at pics from previous Slammers Handbooks and The Crucible. Next page. The M9 with just the splinter shield and weapons added The M9 with just the splinter shield and weapons added The M9 with just the splinter shield and weapons added The M9 with the anti-mine box and long range arial added