All shots and models by John Treadaway 23/10/13 - Click thumbnail to enlarge
Sincanmo Hunchback (ATGW and Cannon armed)  is targetted by a light ATGW missile A Division Legere Babouin is destroyed Sincanmo Gecko targetted by a light ATGW missile Sincanmo Hunchback (Hypersonic Missile armed) targetted by a light ATGW missile A Division Legere Cochon artillery piece fires over open sights Sincanmo Goannas targetted by light ATGW missiles A burning Division Legere Pathere tank under the monorail Division Legere Porc-epic calliope advances down a street Sincanmo Warthog and Hunchback move through the city Division Legere Epee APC moves past the smoking wreck of a Panthere tank Division Legere Epee APC moves past the smoking wreck of a Panthere tank Sincanmo Hunchback destroyed by a light ATGW missile Return to Hammers Slammers Galleries page
Club Game at the Warlords in 15mm
Dulwich City as the Sincanmo advance
A battle for the city centre! Division Legere lose out to the Sincanmo Federation with the loss of their leader and the routing of their armoured group.
Dulwich City as the attack begins
We played a club night Slammers game at the Warlords - two players running the Sincanmo Federation Militia Warriors and the Division Légère This is the After Action Report: Turn one: The Division Légère (two detachments) had deployed in Dulwich city no further out than the inner ring road, not knowing what direction the Sincanmo Federation were due to come in from. Their dismounted troops were deployed on the top of the high rises. The Federation also had two detachments - plus the extra vehicle with their tribal chief and his body guard. They split their forces into two (as required) and came in from two table edges. The Sincanmo are very mobile and fast in their technicals and buggies and helped themselves by using the road system to increase their speed where they could - roads, as 'easy terrain', increase the speed one grade so 'Fast' goes up to 'Very Fast'. In the first round, the initiative order was bowled as S,L,L,S (Sincanmo, then Légère, then Légère, then Sincanmo) for the four detachments but the Sincanmo deferred their first move (resulting in L,L,S,S) as they wanted to get movement in after being targeted with any guided missiles. Their plan worked: The Légère used their Babouin remotes and jeeps to lay down half a dozen light ATGWs and opened up over open sights with their artillery piece while the heavier armour moved into position to the far side of town (they had deployed in a 360 defensive stance as they didn't know what direction the Sincanmo were coming from). By the end of the first round the Sincanmo Federation had taken only light casualties having spent lots of LPs moving and closing the range, forcing some of the missile attacks aimed at them to lose lock.