THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE HAMMER’S SLAMMERS THE CRUCIBLE RULES SYSTEM HANDBOOK Shots taken at the Warlords club by John T - Click thumbnail to enlarge The game gets started The town that the French mercenaries will have to defend Multi player Club Night game in 15mm Return to Hammers Slammers Galleries page Division Legere Hades tank destroyer Slammers blower "Death Dealer" being plastered with ATGW missiles Forces move up Discussion in the French camp Forces move up Division Legere tank destroyer flanks the town The Slammers advance under heavy french fire The Waldheim Dragoons sweep in - missiles are targetted onto the Blowers! The Waldheim Dragoons sweep in - light tanks and APCs with heavier Blowers in the background 2 Division Legere Panthere Medium tanks advance up the street The devestated ruins that the French are defending Models painted by Jim Clark (Division Legere), Roger Dixon (Slammers), Alan Patrick Compagnie de Barthe) and John Treadaway (Waldheim Dragoons)