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The Waldheim Dragoons: a refit
An M2A2 command tank - note the lack of missile boxes
How did we get here... A while ago... well truth be told, nine years ago, I started on the 15mm versions of the Slammers vehicles I’d already built and painted in 28mm and one of the early units I made in 2010 were the Waldheim Dragoons. As the years went by, I noticed two problems with the two detachment’s I’d completed. Firstly, the vehicles were the Old Crow ones (with some GZG anti-tank guns) and, frankly, the former were becoming harder and harder to purchase (what with there not being a website any more and no new models and so forth...). That’s, after all, why Brigade stepped in to fix pretty much all of our Slammers needs. Secondly, the original ‘15mm’ blowers were – and always had been – the wrong scale. They were 1/120 rather than 1/100. Both of these problems are now fixed: new blowers arrived over five years ago and new missile armed turrets for the M2A2 version have been in the Brigade catalogue for a while. Finally Brigade have all of the other vehicles for upgrades and I have produced a new list to allow for this. I’ve also retained an old list for those with access to older vehicles (though the new Brigade ones are slightly better armoured) but the idea is, timeline wise, that the Waldheims changed pretty much as soon as they could after getting their shiny new bowers in the early 320s. I’ve also been thinking about increasing their anti-armour punch in a unique way and have amended both the original detachment sheet and the Post TW326 sheet as well.
John Treadaway - March 2019
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The Icarus-Thyssen Medium Hover Tank and its replacement the Daedalus medium tank The Daedalus medium tank has a 5cm HI Powergun Moving through the rubble - an M2A2 Legacy GD800 APC and towed Anti-Tank gun