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Painting Slammers Infantry
It’s a funny thing that - beyond vehicle crew - I’d never actually got around to painting any infantry for my 15mm Slammers force. Time to fix that, I thought, so this is a quick 'how to' to go over my fast painting infantry methods... Where to begin It has to be said that I'm not a big fan of painting 1/100th scale infantry. Frankly, I find it a bit of a chore. On that basis I do the minimum needed to get what I consider to be acceptable table top results. For me that means coloured spray primer, drybrushing and dips with the minimum of detail painting. I was painting some infantry for my inherited Hiroseki National Army and got these out at the same time: 'do a big batch all at once', was my rationale. But I started off badly with the bases. I often use Renedra 25mm squares for infantry TUs which - to be honest - is a little tight, what with three or four figures to a base. Although the PLA I used for the Hiroseki (as recommended by Brigade for this force) come on small bases (or - as gunners and vehicle crew - no bases) the Slammers guys are by GZG so they had large round bases: good for standing and gluing, not so good (without resorting to side cutters) for jamming onto a small base. So I thought I’d go slightly bigger. Additionally, I was planning for my recommended 50mm square bases for the units of Skimmers plus the same size for the Hiroseki tripod mounted support weapons. And as Renedra don't make 30mm square bases (as far as I'm aware) it was out with the sheet 1.5mm styrene, a craft knife and strait edge. So much for saving effort... I hot glued and superglued (as appropriate) the fifty odd Hiroseki and 26 Slammers infantry (plus 18 skimmers which had the figures already cast onto the small vehicles) to either the bases I’d just cut as singletons (leaving room for adding other figures later) or stuck them to five painting strips cut from gash cardboard or plastic leftovers. I raised several of the skimmers off the ground on brass posts drilled into the base of the model and - on the unit base itself - I part-buried them into a cone (looking like a miniature volcano) of Terracotta Milliput. I'd have probably used clear stands if I'd had some to hand but - as I didn't - I kept the lift involved quite slight so that the stands wouldn't really be seen unless you really look for them.
All the infantry with some vehicles thrown in