Landing pad on the Drilling rig THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE HAMMER’S SLAMMERS THE CRUCIBLE RULES SYSTEM HANDBOOK All models painted by Raskal and associates Click thumbnail to enlarge Thunderbolts meet Freedom fighters on the road Slammers advance against the Freedom Fighters Judgement Day in 28mm Return to Hammers Slammers Galleries page Terran Star Marines (with GZG vehicles and figures) Bravos vehicle close up Terran Star Marines negotiate a roundabout with Marengo fruit bushes under cover Bravos (vehicles adapted from AT43 system) Slammers meet Freedom Fighters head on Judgement Freedom Fighters Terrans (with GZG vehicles and figures) plus Bravos and Freedom Fighters Freedom Fighters vehicle (adapted from Battlefield Evolution range) Slammers advance Thunderbolt vehicles (Old Crow) Terran Star Marines (with GZG vehicles and figures) The game is a based on the scenario in the Crucible book itself using Slammers, Thunderbolt Legion, Terran Authority Bravos and Judgement Freedom Fighters!