Buildings for SF3D

John Treadaway

SF3D Alternate Space
Machinen Krieger im Neunundzwanzigsten Jahrhundert

Deep in the Northern Territories of Australia, the Strahl National Defence Army (SDR) control centre at Fort Everidge has been monitoring the ebb and flow of the bitter conflict between the SDR and the Independent Mercenary Army (IMA).

In the early hours of the morning as the desert sun was rising east over Uluru, the IMA launches Operation Peel Banana. As part of this operation they attack and destroy the satellite imagery control site in Fort Everidge and Fort Everidge, turning concrete to dust and sand to glass.

Now - months later - the SDR are trying to weed out the remnants of the IMA (under Colonel Humphries) who have reoccupied the ruins of Fort Everidge.

As the cool of dusk approaches, the SDR move in…

The attack portrayed in our game takes place during the end of October beginning of November 2885, as part of a much larger operation: the destruction of Stahl Military satellites and the assault of a number of ground installations.

2 teams in the scrapyard 1 2 teams in the scrapyard 2 2 teams in the scrapyard 3 2 teams in the scrapyard 4 3 colour close up head shot 3 colour pair 1
2 teams in the s... 2 teams in the s... 2 teams in the s... 2 teams in the s... 3 colour close u... 3 colour pair 1.jpg
3 colour pair 2 3 suits and big building big hole 1 big hole 2 broken door 1 broken door 2
3 colour pair 2.jpg 3 suits and big ... big hole 1.jpg big hole 2.jpg broken door 1.jpg broken door 2.jpg
broken door 2p building 4 crawler 1 crawler 2 crawler closeup 1 crawler closeup 2
broken door 2p.jpg building 4.jpg crawler 1.jpg crawler 2.jpg crawler closeup ... crawler closeup ...
crawler closeup 3 door in glass roofed building door in glass roofed building 2 door shot 1 door shot 2 door shot 2 figures
crawler closeup ... door in glass ro... door in glass ro... door shot 1.jpg door shot 2.jpg door shot 2 figu...
door shot 3 door shot 4 helmet open door shot 5 door shot 6 door shot 7 door shot 8
door shot 3.jpg door shot 4 helm... door shot 5.jpg door shot 6.jpg door shot 7.jpg door shot 8.jpg
door shot 9 high shot fences fences 2 fences close up of 3 colour figure glass roofed building inside building 4
door shot 9 high... fences.jpg fences 2.jpg fences close up ... glass roofed bui... inside building ...
inside building 4 2 leaving platform and 3 colour poster boy rebar exposed s3 colour suit and wrecked platform1
inside building ... leaving.jpg platform and 3 c... poster boy.jpg rebar exposed.jpg s3 colour suit a...
scener2 055 scrapyard 2 scrapyard close up scrapyard close up 2 scrapyard1 shark 1
scener2 055.jpg scrapyard 2.jpg scrapyard close ... scrapyard close ... scrapyard1.jpg shark 1.jpg
shark 2 shark and team in scrapyard 1 shark and team in scrapyard 2 shark and team on raised floor though the glass roof whole in the wall 1
shark 2.jpg shark and team i... shark and team i... shark and team o... though the glass... whole in the wal...
whole in the wall 2 wrecked air con wrecked air con fixed
whole in the wal... wrecked air con.jpg wrecked air con ...