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Slammers versus Thunderbolts: Club night game in 28mm
Thunderbolt Br47 Calliope: 8 turret mounted 3cm Powerguns in the center of the picture Jim Clark thinks hard about his Thunderbolts deployment Close up of the Thunderbolt Br49: turret mounted 5cm High Intensity Powergun and light ATGW with heavier armour than the Br44 Two Thunderbolt Br44s and the heavier Br49 The Thunderbolts take a defensive position Slammers move in to the attack Slammers Blower tank and two combat cars move up Slammers Blower tank, combat cars and a command car Close up of the Thunderbolt Br44: turret mounted Auto Cannon and light ATGW with room for fighting troops but lighter armour than the Br49
It had been a while since we had played a 28mm game using The Crucible and - after discussion about what other sort of game systems were out there aimed at figures and models in this scale, we thought we’d give the big boys a spin. Just one detachment each - though both were slightly heavy: a dozen Thunderbolts led by a Captain and ten Slammers (including two infantry units) led by Captain Koopman (Elite skills Blitzkrieg and Shaper of Men). The Slammers had to do the attacking and used their speed to their advantage but it became a close battle. The Thunderbolts took the main gun off of the solo Blower with a flurry of ATGWs and pecked away at combat cars (using their devastating Calliope on them) while the Slammers eventually broke them with morale. One detachment a side - 22 Vehicles and infantry units and game completed to a decisive conclusion in 2 hours of relaxed play.
John Treadaway - early July 2012