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Alaudae versus Sincanmo: Club night game in 15mm
The Alaudae sweep in Burning Wrecks - the Sincanmo suffer Alaudae Mosquito Calliopes take the crossroads Sincanmo Buzzbomb team and vehicles The Sincanmo defensive position At the crossroads Deployment at the start of the game Chief Diabate has had enough and leaves Goannas await deployment in the protective lee of a building
I wanted to try out my newly painted Sincanmo Federation (Trained, 2 detachments) versus my friend Kevin Dallimore's Alaudae Legion (Elite, 2 detachments). The Sincanmo deployed in a small industrial unit and dared the Alaudae to wheedle them out. The elite forces won initiative with one detachment but the Sincanmo forfeited their second unit's initiative to enable them to spring snipers spotting for ATGW teams. Sadly, offering up their initiative meant that the Sincanmo lost more than half a dozen TUs before they even got to fire. But fire they did and losses the Alaudae took - some 4 TUs. In the second and third turns, however, the Alaudae used their superior leadership to move forward and destroy any remaining ATGW systems - and even the Sincanmo's Buzzbomb carrying infantry. Finally - at the end of turn 4 - the Sincanmo's morale broke and Chief Diabate beat a hasty retreat taking the rest of his forces with him!
John Treadaway - mid July 2012
Goanna with Tribarrel Alaudae Tank Burning Wrecks - the Sincanmo suffer Sincanmo Goanna gets hit by laser fire - in actuality it was a laser pointer to establish line of sight! Alaudae Advance using the 'Follow Me' optional rule