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Friesland Defence Force versus Broglie’s Legion
John Treadaway - July 2014
FDF Combat Car goes up in flames: the crew did not make it out Down-town Dulwich City - the ruins are a public disgrace Blowers pass a Tank destroyer with a knocked out main gun Two Legion tank destroyers recieve hits marked by the orange tokens - systems failures: no moving or firing next turn Blower and Tank destroyer face off while a buzzbomb team in the building, left, fire down from the first floor window Tank destroyer with a knocked out main gun deliberately blocks the street while the crew make a run for it... Blower looses a main gun (blue token) while a Legion APC shoots at a Combat Car from the rear. All take infantry attacks from the adjacent buildings
Small club night game We had a quick game using two detachments of the Broglie’s Legion with four tank destroyers, APCs and 9 infantry TUs with some jeeps led by a colonel versus one FDF detachment - 4 up- armoured blowers and 4 UA Combat Cars with their captain in a jeep. The FDF had to attack into a town with infantry hidden in buildings. The game started well for the Legion with their force winning initiative with one detachment and taking out the main gun on a blower but failing to achieve much else. The FDF started knocking out Legion tank destroyers, even catching them in their weak rear arc with tribarrels. Legion buzzbomb crews had little success against the FDF defensive strip mines but they took out a couple of combat cars and - finally - the FDF commander but not before losing their own Colonel (and most of the initiative after that), taking catastrophic losses and then they failed a morale check. A win for the FDF but well fought by Broglies. John Treadaway
Damaged Legion tank destroyer and a line of destroyed cars