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Operation Night Crow 2: All or Nothing
The North end of the table before deployment - Britains pig pens and Trek shuttles
I recently ran a scenario for a game with Tony Francis of Brigade Models and I made a bit of a “dog’s dinner” of it. I made of one particular, very important aspect of the scenario: that was a lack of sophistication in the activation of different elements of the forces in the game and – better late than never – it got me thinking. THE SCENARIO Operation Night Crow was a Slammers scenario that is available as a PDF download and is based around two things. It was a desire to include ‘stealthyness’ into a game system. With the scenario I had written I had wanted to produce a game that made me think of the classic desert raids by the WWII LRDG however, that scenario was aimed at smaller forces: two detachments of The Eaglewing  Squadron, equipped predominantly with their low flying VTOLS and they were set to be fighting a similar sized, two detachment force of the Lightning Division: a more ‘conventional’ armoured force with a mixture of tracked vehicles and newer ‘blower’ tanks. The issue was that Tony had just painted up another couple of detachments of the Lightnings  so I wanted Mr Francis to field at least three of his detachments against my just over two, lightly armoured VTOLs units. I thought I’d come up with a working plan: The Eagle wings would sweep in from different (and unspecified) directions, gaining the initial advantage of surprise and The Lightning Division could then bowl to mobilise their units each turn! In the first turn the three detachments would come in on a 5 or 6 on a d6; second turn 4,5,6, third turn... well: you can see what I had planned.
John Treadaway - December 2018
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The space port with the Lighnings deployed - Britains pig pens and Trek shuttles Mid table before deployment - mostly scratch built scenery The Eaglewing ready at the south end of the table