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Bullets won’t stop them!
The freighter - the Slammers target - had landed in a clearing in the woods. Up to no good, no doubt...
Getting Slammered... My friend Roger Dixon came over to the new games complex at Treadaway Towers and we went through a Slammers game. Roger is a notorious rules butterfly and hadn’t played a game in a while so I had to remind him of some rules and I thought I’d be kind to him and give him an easy game of it. His task was to get June Ranson’s late period Elite Slammers detachment over a bridge to take possession of a landed space ship and it was the job of two detachments of mercs - the veteran West Riding Yeomanry and fanatical Stewart Regiment to stop them.In three hours of play, my Stewarts managed to take out one blower to desperately try and block the bridge to the heavy armour that couldn’t cross the river. We did manage one out of four but - despite off table mortars and suicidal attacks by Lt Can of the West Riding with a buzzbomb team - we did only stop one: the later up armoured Slammers with the Elite ‘Hull Down’ skill are really just two tough for much other than the Terran Star Marines. As they should be! After getting to the point of taking a morale test (with the WRY having lost their commander) my side surrendered and decided to cut their losses. I took the opportunity to take some snaps and use my extra lenses with a proper camera and some extra lenses to add onto my phone for some really wide shots. See if you can spot the difference between the two... I must give Roger a rematch soon and make him work a bit harder! John Treadaway
John Treadaway - May 2016
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Slammers heavy armour hit the bridge WRY rold the South Bank next to the road and twin monorail bridges