THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE HAMMER’S SLAMMERS THE CRUCIBLE RULES SYSTEM HANDBOOK Click pictures to enlarge Return to Hammers Slammers Galleries page Division Légère in 15mm - by Jim Clark Jim Clark wanted to build the Division Légère who - along with the the Phenix Moirots, the Alaudae and the Compagnie de Barthe – are a francophile unit with strong gallic roots. Their infantry wear mottled fatigues, carry flechette weapons and use hover APCs and armoured vehicles. A range of vehicles in 15mm aren’t readily available for this mercenary company, so how did Jim go about it? In his own words, he gives some tips, below: Okay firstly, why chose the Division Legere? Well, after reading through Hammer's Slammers - The Crucible, and having already built detachments of the Apex Dragoons and the Thunderbolt Division, they were the next mercenary group to take my fancy. Now the problems (not insurmountable though) began: the Panthère medium tank in the book (28mm GZG items) looked really great and very different from any of the other tanks used.  This in itself posed the biggest problem, as neither Old Crow or GZG did a tank that looked remotely like them in 15mm. I looked at the other vehicles in the force and the Épée APC reminded me of one I had seen on the Brigade Models site, so I started there, figuring that GZG and Old Crow vehicles would follow, if necessary. What did I need to build? Okay for those who don't know these are the vehicles I needed to “create”: Panthère medium tanks (and command tanks); Hadès I tank destroyer; Hadès II tank destroyer; Épée APC; Cochon 21cm artillery; Porc- épic mixed calliope; Épée command APC; Gorille jeep and Babouin remote controlled ATGW units, all with hover skirts. With this in mind my shopping list consisted of: Brigade Models 5x British (ONESS) Apollo Class MBT SF15-001 4x Eurofed Tassigny Support APC SF15-403a 6x German (ONESS) Thor MBT SF15-301 GZG 2x Hover MAWP with missile system V15-61C 2x Light Hover Truck V15-19A The rest came from my 15mm spares box and I'll mention those as I go through. Next page. Division Legere Pantheres move in for a fight