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Using diecast vehicles in 15mm gaming
The fork lift has been dipped in a mix of Future and heavy black ink
Recently, people have asked how easy it is to use diecast vehicles in Slammers games. The answer is “pretty easy” providing you choose carefully for scale. Painting Some vehicles benefit from a complete repaint but some can be used with the paint they have but with minor paint modification and washes. You will see some hovercraft in some of these shots: they are old matchbox diecasts that have been disassembled and then - without stripping - repainted with spray cans and an airbrush (see here for shots of that process). For others, the minimum of work is the order of the day. I start with painting in some details. In the examples here, the ‘monster truck’ technicals had roof mounted items moulded into the clear plastic (in the case of the dozer I painted, these are moulded into the diecast roof). In both cases they were first painted to bring out the limited detail provided by the models.   This was done with standard colours from the Army Painter range with straps and other detail added in contrasting colours. In the case of these ‘monster truck’ technicals I decided that the roof detail needed adding to as it was looking a little sparse and quite ‘low relief’. I also wanted them to be separate, non- identical vehicles. To achieve this I added some rolled tarps made from green putty shaped with a scalpel and some of the new stowage made by Brigade  which I sprayed green. But this was an afterthought: first I dipped the vehicles...
John Treadaway - June 2014
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The 'Monster-Truck' technical has been dipped in a mix of Future and heavy black ink Straight out of the bubble-pack - note the clear plastic roof stowage The roofs painted gunmetal to match the body work and then the clear plastic roof stowage has been painted in Straight out of the bubble-pack Straight out of the bubble-pack