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A Streak of Lightning
Tony Francis from Brigade came to the cabin to play a short game with some of his new Lightning Division models coming up against my Zaporoskiye Brigade, all made with models from Brigade. This is what happened... Defence of the Oasis I started the game with a single Zaporoskiye Brigade Heavy Assault Detachment with the optional swap out of an experimental Mammont for a Bison and a sniper for one of the infantry units. They were positioned around the ruins around a destroyed building (a vac-form Amera plastics item), water tanks made from CD packaging, my own scratch built ponds and some other buildings on a Cigar Box cloth, all on a ‘standard’ sized (just over) 6x4 foot table. Tony had two detachments of late Lightnings with lots of blowers! He started with a Tank detachment on the table and bowled for the arrival of his second Infantry detachment (they arrived on turn four). Leadership and points wise, we were similar with Tony fielding slightly more, but I was defending. I also had a good commander (Colonel Orlyk with his elite skills) whereas The Lightnings had a standard Captain and a Lieutenant. This meant that Tony lost every initiative roll but it also meant - on the positive side - that every time I fired missiles, he could move and try to degrade their ability to track. Finally, the Lightings were given the Optional Rule  Anti-ATGW Enhanced Data Link from update 4 to use with his calliopes to knock down missiles. Which he certainly did!
Tony sets out his Tank Detachment at the start of the game