THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE OF THE HAMMER’S SLAMMERS THE CRUCIBLE RULES SYSTEM HANDBOOK Click pictures to enlarge Return to Hammers Slammers Galleries page Early Apex Dragoons in 15mm - by Colin Hagreen Colin Hagreen wanted to build some Apex Dragoons with a difference. As the time-line for the rules spans over thirty years - 317 to 353 of The Way - it didn’t seem unreasonable to assume that many forces would change and improve forces during that time period. So this is what Colin did: I have never been terribly good at sticking to games to the letter; I always want to be able to put my own stamp on things. This has a couple of results. First, I am slow to produce armies because I want to customise everything. Secondly, I prefer fantasy and sci-fi games to historical. And thirdly, I do like to have something different that nobody else has. In Hammers Slammers, the Apex Dragoons use six and eight wheeled vehicles for both tank and IFV equivalents. To stay semi-canon, this force will represent the Apex Dragoons at an early point in their career (somewhere in the early 320s) as suggested by John Treadaway. I had seen Brigade Games' South African Confederation vehicles in 6mm, and thought they would make a good basis for a wheeled force. Brigade do a 15mm version of the Rhino tank, but not the Wildebeest APC. It's a fairly boxy vehicle and I thought I could copy it. I spoke to Tony at Brigade, and he was quite happy for me to do that (and even sold me a load of wheels for the vehicles I was intending to make). The master of the hull was based on a resin block and built up with various plastic card, tube and rod details. The most difficult part is getting a square hull in the first place, but once you have that it's pretty straightforward to build up layers of detail. Just be certain that you get all your axles perfectly in line with each other or the vehicle will wobble on the table (more on this later).  Next page. Brigade Miniatures Rhino tank in 15mm Comparison of 15mm master with 6mm version of the Wildebeest Logo of the Apex Dragoons