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Painting the Slammers Up-Armoured Blowers in 15mm
Extra solid splinter shield added to comat car. Body black washed and GreenStuff stowage added
The new Brigade 15mm Up-Armoured Blower tanks and Combat Cars have hit production so I thought I’d get some paint on a detachment - four tanks and four cars. Plus, I worked up one of their new Jeeps which needed a crew added as mine was a pre-production sample. Cleaning and Assembly After the toys were cleaned with acetone and a few mould lines on the main barrels and crew figures removed (and the main barrels files slightly to get them into the turrets - they’re a tight fit), they were assembled with super glue. The etched brass - the combat car splinter shields (including the up-armoured resin top) , gun shields and extra stowage baskets - had been clipped out using small sharp scissors and then folded using narrow pliers using strong tweezers for the very small control panels. They were checked for fit (the crew men are a tight fit in the back of the combat cars) but the roofs and gun shields all fitted perfectly. The crews were left separate for painting, but the tank guns and tribarrels were stuck in position. I decided to make one of the cars have a crewman firing a weapon other than a tribarrel as happened in the stories (and is now an option in the latest rule update) so I selected a GZG kneeling trooper with a R6A2 Grenade launcher (as per Dick Sulin in one of the stories) and took the base off with side clippers. To crew the jeep, I also split two guys in half: one a spare tribarrel gunner and the other a figure holding a powergun rifle. These latter to I added  seat back made from scrap material and say them on a seat base made of green-stuff putty. Then I was ready to paint.
John Treadaway - November 2017
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New resin bustle added. Body black washed and GreenStuff and other stowage added Masked off and sprayed with Tamiya silver Masked off and sprayed with Tamiya silver - some panels sprayed silver as new repairs Monster Brown over red automotiive primer with rust stippling Etched brass stowage basket added