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Painting the New Slammers Blowers in 15mm by  Brigade Models
Combat Car with brasswork fitted (the roof is not stuck on)
The new Brigade15mm Blower tanks have hit production and I took delivery of mine with seventeen days to go before their début at Salute 2013. I had anticipated just painting the Blower tanks but I was very pleased to also get a detachment of new Combat Cars, complete with GZG gunners and an etched brass fret for both the car roof, a spare basket and gun shields and control panels to super detail the models. The truth is that I’d have liked a lot longer to paint them: they are the iconic vehicles: the whole point of the stories, hardware wise anyway. But that was a luxury I didn’t have so what was needed was a fast job, rather than a top-notch one. But - in all honesty-what most of us want to do is get toys on the table as fast as possible so here it is: How to put over a dozen blowers and eight combat cars with 28 crew figures on the table in three days - assembled, cleaned and painted. Cleaning and Assembly After the toys were cleaned with acetone and a few mould lines on the main barrels and crew figures removed, they were assembled with super glue. The etched brass had been clipped out using small sharp scissors and then folded using narrow pliers and strong tweezers for the control panels. They were checked for fit (the crew men are a tight fit in the back of the combat cars) but the roofs and gun shields all fitted perfectly. The crews were left separate for painting, but the tank guns and tribarrels were stuck in position.
John Treadaway - April 2017
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Combat Car with brasswork fitted (the roof is not stuck on) Combat Car with brasswork fitted (the roof and crew is not stuck yet) Combat Car with brasswork fitted (the crew are not stuck yet) All brasswork including spare basket and two control panels, folded and flat Combat Car interior with control panel stuck in forward (standard) position