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Three of a kind: the conflict on Plattner's world
I ran three games back to back for a 'mixed ability' group of players: one who had no experience of the system or even the background and three others who had between 'some' and 'lots' of experience. Game 1: Capture the Solace Leaders I started off with a scenario I had run several times before with mixed results (by which I mean different teams 'won'): It was the Piper at the Gates scenario. The Solace forces - as per the previous encounters - had their cultural and military leaders holed up in a town and the Slammers needed to muscle in and capture her. Previously I'd had a convincing Slammers win (Henry Hyde carefully avoided losing too many combat cars to IEDs). The second time I tried it, there was a Solace win: Roger Dixon initially did well but lost his two support Hogs early on to mishaps (just stuff like blowing up a truck ful of explosives next to him as he drove past...) and - when lining up his cars in the town against their target building - they succumbed to hidden Calliope fire and rooftop attack by buzzbombs and squad support weapons).
The look down main street as a Combat Car is hit by an IED Map showing the Solace positions at the start of the game The firing line of buzzbombers - all to no avail Map showing the Slammers attacks at the start of the game