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Two 15mm Cub night games - Slammers win & lose
Combat Cars attack TAS vehices
Game 1: TAS versus Slammers After playing with a detachment of the West Riding Yeomanry, Mike wanted to give something a bit tougher a wiz around the block. He chose the Terran Authority Starmarines and, as he is in the process of buying some, he borrowed two detachments of the later Police units. As they wouldbe fighting opponents who weren’t using infantry, he swapped out some of his own ‘Firefly’ wielding anti-personnel orientated units and,instead, substituted them for infantry on grav skimmers with buzz-bombs. The game put them up against a detachment of combat cars led by a Lt in a command car and a troop of Blower tanks led by a sergeant. Mike started well, defending the Dulwich city complex and - in the first turn - destroyed the leadership of both the tank troop and the combat cars, reducing the cars to a sergeant and the tanks to... no leader at all! After that, the Slammers ground forward and - in the next two turns - Mike lost first the lighter Ghost tanks to both a blower and a combat car and then a Spectre MICV and, despite saturating the Blowers with buzz-bomb attacks, he didn’t manage to destroy another single Slammers tank,though he did remove one of every single weapon including its ADS system. The Slammers lost some more combat cars but disabled the gun on a TAS Wraith tank (the commanders tank in fact...) and destroyed the other one and- with some buzz-bomb bike troops killed and some others in a high-rise forces via suppression to give up, Mike’s heavy armour unit failed their morale test and the others surrendered.
John Treadaway - December 2013
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TAS move through the city, both vehicles and bikes Combat Cars and the Command Car Solo Blower prowling The TAS commander and the initialtable set up Lone Slammers Command Car - a big fat target